Interview Take II: Gail Halvorsen narrates about his time as an US-Airforce Pilot during „World War II″. Video: © Ralf Gründer, Berlin, 23.09.2005

Yes, I was part in the second World War. I flew transport airplanes ...

Video-Interview with Ret. Col. Gail S. Halvorsen, a former Pilot of the US-Airfoce. After World War II he volunteered for „Operation Vittles″. During the Berlin Airlift he accomplished 126 Missions. After meeting some kids in Berlin, he got the Idear of dropping little Parachutes with sweets over Berlin. Through the „Operation Little Vittles″ he became the most beloved man of that time - at least for the children!

Idee, Redaktion, Video- und Schnitt, Encodierung: Ralf Gründer. Shooting Location: Berlin Wall Watchtower at Kieler Eck.

Link YouTube ⇒ Worl War II

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DVD: Gail Halvorsen alias „Mr. Wiggly Wings″, Videointerview* mit Ret. Colonel Gail S. Halvorsen, Pilot der Berliner Luftbrücke, Führungsstelle am Kieler Eck, Datum: 23.09.2005, Interview: Ralf Gründer, DVD (PAL), Dauer: ca. 23 min.4444